Just a Little Cranky…And Definitely Unfair

Okay, so here’s blog number two, and it’s going to be all apologies.

I’m thinking the best way to begin this is with two apologies. First, I really must, and I deeply do, apologize to those people I “chose specifically” to invite to my Facebook blog page (the one that’s connected to this blog) for various and sundry reasons that sounded good in my head at about 4AM. Those folks to whom I’m referring would be the folks I barbed in my status on my profile page. It wasn’t a nice thing to do, even if I didn’t name any names. My feelings were hurt (a condition I need to work on curing), and I am aware that maybe some of them just haven’t had the chance to respond, because they haven’t gotten it yet. I already know of one such person. He’s on tour with his band, and it’s their very first tour. He definitely has more important things with which to keep his mind occupied. It also wasn’t fair to the other folks on my list of Facebook Friends because it was a rather rude introduction to them that I have a Facebook blog page, and that they weren’t amongst the first to be invited to it. Again, at 4AM, a lot of ideas are not a person’s best, and that was definitely a bad decision. My delivery of that information was also, let’s say it together, “Piss poor.”

To you, my Facebook Friends whom I’ve treated so poorly, I most humbly apologize. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have had the courage to even try this. Without you, there would have been no point to this endeavor at all.

I humbly entreat your forgiveness,
Rune Believer

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Hello World!

Hello World!

Not a very original beginning I know, but at about 4AM, you’re not going to get much out of me.  I just registered my very own, as well as my very first, domain.  I went to it’s controls, and quite honestly, I didn’t understand a bit of it.  That tells me I’d better ask a friend how it works.  Truthfully, I followed a link from her blog to get here.  SO…if you’re Heathen you might want to head over to her blog for a much more interesting read than mine.  http://livingbull.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/if-you-love-your-house-wight-it-will-love-you-back/  This is going to be a work-in-progress with a really big learning curve as I go.

I’m going to be honest with you here, I’m bipolar as hell, and I’m on some mind degenerative medications.  My doctor suggested I do puzzles and crosswords to help slow down the nasty downhill processes I’m facing the longer I’m on the meds, but I hate crosswords, I’m not all that fond of puzzles, and I’m sick to death of word searches.  This is going to take the place of those.  I may have interesting things to say from time to time, but it’s more likely you’ll find yourself wondering what the hell I find so interesting about my goats and my chickens, or why I so very admire vultures.  Not only do I love to watch them riding on the thermals, but I will pull to the shoulder of the road to retrieve their meal for them.  It’s simply too dangerous for them to have to keep dodging cars just to clean up our mess.  Let’s face it, without them, we’d all be arse deep in road kill.  I’m rather short, so I might be in it deeper.  Did you know they require a minimum of 6 feet of space to take off?  When you see them run/hopping before taking off, it’s not because they’re too stupid to just fly away, but they are genuinely trying to take off.  It just takes them a bit.

Anyway, here I am World!  I’m going to give this my best shot.  We’ll all see together as time passes, if I’m going to be any good at this blogging thing.  Also, please bear with me as I relearn all the rules of punctuation I have had little need for since graduating college.  I dragged out a dusty old textbook to read, so maybe I’ll stop with the run-on sentences, and start putting commas where they belong, too.  Maybe.

So peace out, folks.  I’ll be back in a few days, if not sooner.

This is Rune Believer going to bed.

PS:  I never made it to bed before the alarm went off! ;-p

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