…And continued Still…

I’ve taken quite some time away from my blogging. I could blow smoke and give you a dozen or more reasons like blame lack of readers on my Facebook, or the aggravation of whatever aggravating me, but the truth is…I feel like crap, have felt like crap, and I was stuck in the land of “Who Cares What I Have to Say?” Hel! I didn’t even care. Caring just hurts to damn much to take the chance of putting my thoughts and feelings out there, outside of my head. I think right now though, I’ve pretty much reached the point where I need to start off loading some of this psychological weight. It’s crushing me. I know I’m once again opening myself up for criticism. I get it. I’m feeling sorry for myself, and there are folks out there that have it a lot worse than I do. Thing is…although I do have sympathy for their circumstances, their emotions aren’t mine. Just thinking about them and the very real possibility I could wind up in their circumstances makes me ill and gives me nightmares. What am I supposed to do? I can’t help them. I’m terrified there’s nothing I can do for myself to prevent me joining them in the bushes and under the bridges.

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