…To be Continued is now Continued…

I’m still not too sure about this blogging thing, but I’ve discovered that people I don’t even know have been reading my blogs.  Not only reading them, but they’re liking them, too!  This is more than a little scary to me; however, it’s got a certain level of excitement to it I never anticipated.  My words are getting out there.  There seems to be some connection being made that I find so hard to make in my day-to-day, face-to-face communications.  Which inside me is stronger, the fear or the excitement?  What am I going to do, run to hide or throw my closet wide?  I don’t know.  Am I thrilled or chilled?  Do I finally have the guts to grab what I’ve always wanted, even though the faces are anonymous?  Mine is anonymous, too.  Will I have the fortitude to one day place my face squarely in the center of the page as Rune Believer, or will I use the name my parents gave me?  I’m doubting I’ll use my given name.  It’s not the one that fits me.  Some day I may learn the truth of who I am.  If I do, that will be the name I legally give myself.  Being named after two grandmothers I didn’t know isn’t a name I should have.  It’s definitely not who I am.

It occurs to me that all of this rumination about names and who I am doesn’t help you, my few readers, to know me any better, so I should probably stop that now.  The way I see it, we’ll make that discovery together…if you stay.  If you leave, oh, well.  Your journey with me wasn’t meant to be a long one.  If you stay, will we go down the rabbit hole to discovery or Ragnarok?

Rabbit holes…you just never know where they’re going to go!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

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