My Muse is on Holiday…Far, Far Away

I know it’s been quite some time since I posted anything here. For that I very much do apologize. I also realize that having my last post be barely more than a sentence and a link to another blog was also a grand no-no. My apologies for that, as well…although it is true that I did find that blog fascinating.

Honestly, I can give you no reason for my lack of writing other than I have not been inspired to write, at least not anything that belongs outside of my head.

The past several weeks have been quite tumultuous in my life, and I’ve been a very unhappy person. The only things on my mind have been how unhappy my situation is and the results of the latest rounds of testing. I’m guessing that it’s not something that any of you really need to have pushed in your face by an angry, little hobbit. Angry and depressed in alternating blasts like the electric current running through the circuits of your house. You’re not fool enough to stick a screw driver into the outlet, so I’m not going to be fool enough to write down the verbal equivalent.

Amazingly enough, someone has still been viewing my past blogs. I really don’t want to scare anyone away by belching out the things in my head that should stay private, nor do I want any of you to think I’ve forgotten that you are there.  Without any of you, there would be no blog in the first place.  My hope is that those of you who have stuck by me through this terrible dry spell will continue to do so for a bit longer.

Please believe me when I say that I am very much aware of my blog sitting here unused. Honestly, it also figures a bit into the low feelings I’ve been having. “Golly Pete! One more thing I’m not getting done! What the Hel is there to write that won’t scare everyone away?”  Yes.  My MUSE is definitely on holiday far, far away, but it just may be that it’s finally begun the journey home.

Thank you for not leaving.  (Hmm…may hap that will be a topic of discussion one day.  Eventually, everyone one leaves.  Don’t they?)

About Rune Believer I tend to be broody, but my animals make me happy. I've never known how to fit in with the crowd, and now, at 56, I don't bother to try. I once was "in" for awhile, and I found out they're mostly a miserable lot. I'd rather sit under a tree and read a book...a real book, not a pad or computer!
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